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Hey, I'm Matt. I'm a Junior at Indiana University-Bloomington studying Informatics with minors in Small Business Mangangement & Entrepreneurship as well as Marketing at Indiana University-Bloomington. I love client-facing roles. In fact, this past summer I transformed my freelance web development business into a web agency, allowing me to transition into a project management role. I have recently accepted an internship offer at Accenture for the Summer of 2017

If you're interested in what I have done in the past, scroll down or view my resume.

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge


WordPress 85%
Python 35%
JavaScript/AngularJS 15%


Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend 2015

6-8 November 2015 / Bloomington


Macy's Case Competiton

April 2015 / Kelley School of Business

Language Skills



  • Technology Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design
  • Front-End Web Development
  • UI/UX

My Professional Background

Work Experience

Spiritt Web Solutions

2016 May - Present

Web Consultant - Bloomington, IN

• Analyze and develop small business web solutions with a focus on Web Design, Conversion Strategy, and SEO
• Manage hosting, server, maintenance, and updates for 5 clients with 100% client retention after project completion

School of Informatics & Computing

2016 Jan - Present

I101 Undergraduate Instructor - Bloomington, IN

• Teach courses of 25 students in their learning of fundamental HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and SQL concepts such as Variables, Functions, Loops, and CRUD

CVS Caremark

2013 Aug - 2014 May

Head Cashier - West Windsor, NJ

• Helped customers locate products, suggest alternatives, and conduct transactions
• Ensure customers’ experiences were stress-free and positive
• Recognized for uncovering a critical consumer experience vulnerability susceptible in all 7600 retail stores
o Uncovered and reported vulnerabilities to manager, district manager, and Northeast regional manager
o Recommendations were implemented to improve the system and reduce between $6,000 and $15,000 in yearly losses in each store

My Education


2014 Aug - 2018 May

Indiana University-Bloomington

Informatics Major

3.57 GPA


Student Ambassador, Shoemaker Scholar, Corporate Accelerator Scholar

Relevant Coursework

BUS-C104 Business Presentations
BUS-A200 Foundations of Accounting
BUS-K201 Computer in Business
BUS-L201 Legal Environment of Business
BUS-W300 New Venture Management
BUS-Z302 Managing Behavior in Organizations


INFO-I101 Introduction to Informatics
INFO-I202 Social Informatics
INFO-I210 Information Infrastructure I
INFO-I210 Information Infrastructure II
INFO-I300 HCI/Interaction Design
INFO-I400 IT in Emerging Markets - India

What I'm Involved In



Nov 2015 - Present


• Building a CRM chat system based on NodeJS and SocketIO

Culture U

Dec 2015 - Present

Technology Team Lead

• Developed and maintain CultureU.com

Informatics & Computing Entrepreneurs

Dec 2015 - Present

Founding Member

• Maintain ICE website and other technical challenges
• Meet weekly to discuss business ideas execute plans with other members

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